Sunday, January 29, 2017

Meals with Spinach

Spinach is a super nutritional food. It has been known the value of spinach for a long time. Hence the creation of Popeye to encourage kids to eat spinach. The fresher spinach is, the healthier value it has, but have you seen the price of fresh spinach? A small bag is $7 at my local grocery store. I don't like to buy frozen. I do not find the taste well, and it limits the number of things you can make with it.
Costco does carry a huge 3lb bag for about $5 (all year round). 3 lbs is too much you say? Thought on the 3lb bag
1- It is less than the small container at the grocery store, so as long as you use more that you would have got at the grocery store, it was worth the cost.
2- If you actively try to use it, it will be gone faster than think

Let's talk recipes (or ideas):
*Lasagna - mix it with the meat, the riccatta or make it a layer unto itself.
*Florintine - chicken, shrimp, or meatless
*Creamy pasta red sauce
*Stuffed ravioli
*Baked Pasta (use manacotti filling mmmm)
*Stuffed Peppers -orzo instead of rice add spinach
*Salad - Asian, fruit, chicken, mixed greens
*Sandwiches - replace your normal lettuce with spinach

What things does your family make that we can add to our lists?

Last weekend we bought the bag at Costco. This is how far one bag has gone:
*one spinach lasagna served 8 huge portions, everyone full and leaf overs.
*One meatless Florintine
*One fruit filled Salad with spinach and homemade poppyseed dressing
*one creamy red sauce pasta
*baked pasta with manacotti filling