Friday, April 22, 2016

Are YOU ready for a world Emergency

My husband and I recently engaged in a conversation about could happen that would force us to live off of what we currently have.
It had all started by being reminded that our water storage needs to be rotated. The conversation then moved to could we live off of what we have and for how long. I estimate we could manage with what we currently have for 3-6 months. The thing I am most concerned over is eggs. I have some egg substitutes but no powdered eggs and if there was a reason to live off of it, once what we have from the store is gone there would be no more eggs. My husband is want to remind me that we do live in a rural community and lots of people raise chickens. Long term we'd probably be fine. 

I remember on my mission for the LDS church in rural Florida there were a number of members who were all converts on one remote community. They all told me the same story about their conversion. Back in the 70's (? I Have never bothered to look up the dates), there was a trucking strike. It lasted a couple months, but the results on this small community were harsh.  It took up to 6 months for every thing to get back to normal and get the everyday goods flowing back into their community. Many people were unable to get goods they needed to live life. All of the stories also mentioned knowing a member of church (never learned if they all knew the same person), and the member of the church was unconcerned with how long it was going to take to get the good flowing again. The member was very open about the teaching of the church, emergency preparedness, and year supply. That is why they were not worried. As a result, each story, would then continue to say that a church that teaches their people isn't crazy and started to investigate the church. {Love this story as how this person(s) was being a member missionary}. 
Back to the conversation with my husband, I can totally see a situation that disrupts the transportation of goods causing such results today.

My husband then reminded me of what happened after the 9-11 attacks (I was in college at the time and shortly after left on my mission so I was most oblivious). The two days of no planes flying devastated many businesses. It was no joking matter. Just two days caused many businesses to have to fold.   Then he reminded me about the volcano in Iceland. So much lost. The economic effects were felt all over Europe and the world. There was the whole discussion over Iceland paying everyone for the economic loss which I thought was crazy because they had no control over a volcano. The volcano could have exploded anywhere. So given these two examples what if there was something that knocked out flight for a week or a month. What could that do to our economy? 

Are you ready if something devastating was to happen and you could buy no groceries for 6 months? 
One last thought, is at what point do we realize we are doing something for the long term and change our choices? My goal is to get to the point where I wouldn't need to change much because I am rotating and using everything I have.
Have you ever done the "emergency challenge"? Randomly pick a day and say that for one week you will act like their are no stores and make do? My mom tells of their Stake President issuing this as a challenge at stake conference. She was a child at the time. I am not a "preper" but this conversation with my husband has caused me to give some thought to it.  What areas am I unprepared? How long could we last? What things am I overlooking? Every time I run out of something I think and I pray that day of doom doesn't come before I could stock up on that item. Is it time to take inventory of your life?
This isn't even taking into account the economic effect it could happen on our families. Could we pay bills? If no one could work would we handle not being paid for a few months? All the more reason we need to be getting out of debt as fast as we all can.

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