Friday, June 26, 2015

Making Sacrifices: Giving up Netflix

We have decided that we need to make sacrifices in order to full commit to where we want to be.

One of the things we have decided to sacrifice is our Netflix account.

This was hard for us. We have loved Netflix. A few years ago we were unemployed for about 6 months and we cancelled our Netflix then and it was so sad. We missed it so much and it was the first thing to come back when we were employed again. It will be probably be one of the first things we put back into our budget when we are fully out of debt. It was also a hard choice for us to sacrifice because it is such a small amount out of our budget- Less than $10 a month for unlimited entertainment for our whole family. If we had only $10 for entertainment in our budget each month- it is the best value for that money.
We have been without cable for 6 years now- which was not an easy choice because we live in a rural community and there are no "local" tv channels with out cable. We watch everything online and don't feel like we're missing out on anything. Chromcast and Netflix have been wonderful to us. But we are cutting out anything that isn't necessary.
We own lots of DVDs. There are lots sites that we use to watch for free. We can do this.
Some of the online watching resources we use:
pbskids is probably our favorite site to watch online

What are your favorite online places to view content?

If you in the cut the cord from cable boat to make sacrifices. If you don't already do Netflix consider it. Their selections of kids shows is awesome. They have a lot of shows of my husband and I want to watch, and their movie selection isn't bad and is constantly changing. The value of how many options you have is very reasonable. I look forward to the day we can put it back in our life.

Side Note- What I miss most about cable is the sporting events. I am a huge football fan and I miss my college football. Additionally I like turning on baseball games to occasionally watch. How do you give up cable when you want to watch sports?
Suggestions- Go to friend or family to watch the game. Sport events should be social anyway so make it social by watching it over there. Another suggestion is make it your date night (if your significant other likes sports too). ESPN online use to allow you to watch online if your internet was a participating company, but now it is only if you put in your cable information. Boo ESPN. Which leads me to the last method I use to watch sporting events. Bootleg TV. There are sites out there (very shady sites) that re-stream live TV. Due to their shadiness and ever changing locations I will not be sponsoring any of those sites on my blog. Needless to say, they exist and you can find them. Word of warning be careful where you click, don't let the moving or fake box closing x's to trick you. If you click wrong it will take you to sites you never wanted to see and can't un-see. I do not set up the sporting events in view of my children for this reason.

Good luck in all your efforts to live more thrifty lives. What sacrifices have ya'll made in getting out of debt or to live within your means?

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