Thursday, June 25, 2015

Murphy's Law

Why is it whenever you set a goal for something- out of the woodwork comes all the millions of reasons, excuses, and obstacles that weren't there before? Some people call it Murphy's Law.
In college I owned this posted and it was in our kitchen. Made for a fun conversation starter- after all everyone has their own Murphy story.
So we've had our visits or about to be visits from Murphy since resolving that we are going to be financially responsible and get out of debt.
1- Our washing machine started to leak. It is leaking into the basin. It wasn't making any mess. I was running the the last spin cycle an extra time and drying them more in the dryer. I was worrying that we needed to call someone, or get a new washer. Our washer is pushing 10 years old (we've had it for 6 years and the people gave it to us told us it was about 5 years old). But we tightened the knob in looking at and it stopped dripping for a little while.  I am all ready to start doing laundry at my in-laws or a laundry mat. Looks like we are using borrowed time before we have to get a new washer.
2- Our microwave has been slowly falling apart. This last week the turning plate fell out and crashed in to tiny pieces. At the moment it is still working, but if it dies I will be doing more stove and oven cooking. I can live without a microwave for a little while if it comes to that.
3- Last week I chipped my tooth. It is my front tooth. I am not in pain. I can still eat just fine. But I need to set up a dentist appointment now.
There are other little things that have tried us. That's the way it goes. But we are resolved- it is past time. 

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