Thursday, July 16, 2015

July's Grocery Shopping

Finished my once a month shopping. This last weekend we went to Mesa. That means a trip to the bread store and to Costco.

To start my husband and I had a long talk about what needed to be purchased and we decided we needed to split the household items from the groceries. If I am going to have a budget of $200 for groceries it is $200 of food. But I wanted to have some flexibility between grocery and household. So for this month's budget was $230 for grocery and household $210 and $20 for household items (shampoo, toilet papers, paper towels, soaps, ect)
7/6/15 (husband had to pick up a prescription and I had him pick up a couple items in addition)
Prescription         $1.43*
Body Wash          $4.63*
cabbage                   $.94    
Bread store                 $15
Cherrios  ($7.89-2.30) $5.59
Yellow Onions      $3.49
Potatoes 20lb        $7.79
Skippy Peanut Butter (9.79-2.80) $6.99 x2
Mild Cheddar  2#    $4.85
Chocolate Chips      $9.99
Feminine Hygiene pads (12.49-2.50) $9.99*
Trident Gum         $7.89
5 Doz Eggs           $10.99
Batteries 9V         $15.89*
Mixed Veggies    $6.49
3pk Lettuce          $2.79
Seaweed               $9.79
Sliced Cheese      $9.99
Tortillas  40ct      $3.89
Tortillas  80ct      $3.49
Mini Peppers       $5.49
Sliced Ham          $9.89
Yeast                   $4.39
Corn Tortilla Chips $3.19
Carrots                $4.79 x2
tax                       $11.00
Dill pickle chips    $1.50
butter tub               $1.29
Yogurt     (.50x10)   $5
Milk  (3x1.99)       $5.97
Salsa                      $4.99
Shampoo               $1.39*
Animal Crackers (.88x3) $2.64
Hot dogs      (.89x2)  $1.78
Jello                       $.39
Blueberries            $.97
Butter Sticks  (2x.99) $1.98
Pork shoulder         $10.80
Apples                    $1.67
Graham Crackers   $1.69
                                  +tax =$41.79
Total= $7+$15+$164.30+$41.79= 228.09
leaving me $1.91
(household $31.94, grocery 198.06) 

I made one impulse purchase at Costco- I bought the Seaweed for my husband's snack food. I also made one purchase that I would have been better to have bought at the grocery store- the mini peppers. 

There were so many things I wanted to purchase that I just did because the money wasn't in the envelope. It is hard. I have never had to be that disciplined with our money. It was a little rough. I had to remind myself we have plenty of food we aren't going to starve. 

I still need to go get honey at the local farmers market but I will have to put it off for one more month.

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